A dedicated pediatric dental practice can transform your kids’ experience with the dentist.

Finding the perfect dentist for your family starts by deciding which type of dental practice is the right choice. General dentists tend to only treat older teens and adults while family dentists welcome children and adults. But if you have younger kids in your family, you should consider the benefits of a dedicated pediatric dentist.

Dedicated pediatric dental practices provide preventive and restorative dentistry services just like a general or family dentist. The difference? Pediatric dentists focus only on providing the best care possible for kids—from babies to teenagers.

Here are 7 awesome benefits parents should know about if they’re considering taking their kids to a kids’ dentist.

1. Pediatric dentists have additional education and formal training to provide dentistry to infants, children, and teens.

Pediatric dentists aren’t just general dentists that decided they’d like to work with kids.

After the standard four years of dental school, pediatric dentists take on another two to three years of special training focused on children’s dental care. During this time they not only learn in-depth information on dental problems affecting children, but they also learn extra skills like how to interact with children, sedation for kids, and more.

2. Pediatric dental teams have the compassionate skills to work with kids who have special needs.

It takes a patient, caring individual to work with children, especially children who have special needs. With the additional schooling pediatric dentists receive, they also gain experience in how to work with young patients with special needs, especially those who may be quite confused or afraid of dental visits.

3. There is no minimum age limit for how old your child needs to be when you visit a kids’ dentist.

The ADA recommends kids see a dentist by their first birthday. Unfortunately, it isn’t uncommon for family dentists to have a minimum age requirement for patients. With a kids’ dentist, you can follow ADA guidelines and ensure your baby or toddler is getting started on the right foot when it comes to their oral health.

Dr. Jeff even welcomes parents to bring in their babies as soon as they notice the first sign of a tooth coming in. This gives your little one plenty of time to get to know Dr. Jeff and the staff before the ‘real’ dental appointments begin.

4. Waiting rooms in pediatric dental practices are designed to keep kids entertained and engaged.

Most wouldn’t describe waiting rooms as fun—until they’ve been to a kids’ dentist, that is! While adults appreciate a relaxing, peaceful atmosphere while they wait, most kids need something to keep them busy.

Kids’ dental offices are still peaceful and welcoming, but the difference is the addition of fun magazines and books, interactive toys, and even video games. Kids will be entertained while parents have time to get them checked-in.

5. Your kids can see their pediatric dentist from infancy right up until they graduate high school.

Older teens may choose to switch to a more ‘grown-up’ dentist once they reach high school, but pediatric dental practices do provide care right up to a teen’s 18th birthday. By starting with a pediatric dentist, your children can really develop a long relationship with their dental group, spanning from their infancy up until they’re young adults.

6. Pediatric dentists are able to help parents with their kids’ bad oral habits, like thumb-sucking or prolonged pacifier use.

Pediatric dentists will notice certain quirks and habits your child has that may affect their future oral health. For example, prolonged thumb-sucking can cause your child’s bite to become misaligned as their adult teeth come in. A kids’ dentists will notice the warning signs of a problem and help you work with your child to end certain habits before they become a more serious concern.

7. Pediatric dental teams create a fun atmosphere that encourages kids to take an interest in oral health while fighting anxiety.

It goes without saying that if you can figure out a way to make something fun kids will automatically be more interested! Dr. Jeff and his team always strive to make dental appointments as pleasant and fun as possible for kids for this reason. After all, our goal is to not only keep your kids’ smiles bright but also teach them why oral care is so important.

Additionally, this approach to working with kids helps ease dental anxiety, something that the majority of children will experience to some extent. Over time many parents notice that their kids actually look forward to seeing Dr. Jeff and his team.

See the advantages of a kids’ dentist firsthand by booking an appointment with Dr. Jeff and his team.

The best way to find out if a kids’ dentist is the right choice for your family is to book a New Patient appointment with Dr. Jeff.

During your kid’s first dental visit you’ll get to know Dr. Jeff and the team, discuss your child’s oral health history, and Dr. Jeff will perform a thorough examination. We may also take some x-rays and other images.

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