How you and your parents can have a blast at your next dental appointment.

As you grow older you’ll find that regular dental appointments are an important part of taking care of yourself. Just like you visit a doctor every year for a check-up or if you feel sick, you’ll also visit a dentist for check-ups, dental cleanings, and for help if your tooth hurts. When it comes to taking care of your teeth, your dentist is your best friend!

Visiting the dentist can be a really exciting experience.

Not only does your dentist and his team know a lot of awesome facts about teeth, but they also use some really cool machines and tools to help them do their job. In fact, the more you go to the dentist, the more comfortable you’ll feel.

We bet you’ll even start looking forward to your next appointment.

If you’re still getting used to the dentist or even feel a little nervous, that’s completely OK too!

Sometimes even parents can feel anxious about their kids’ appointments, even though they have the easy job of waiting in the lobby. Back in their day, dentists’ offices were a lot different than they are today. They didn’t have what you do—an awesome pediatric dentist who makes sure you have a good time at your appointments.

One of the best tricks for having a good time at your dental appointment is to learn more about what your dentist does and how they help keep your smile healthy. That’s why we’ve put together this quick  kid’s guide to help you!

Preparing for your upcoming dental appointment.

If your teacher has ever surprised you with a pop quiz, you know that feeling unprepared isn’t pleasant. Dental appointments can feel similar when you don’t have a lot of previous experience.

To help you feel confident during your appointment, here are a few helpful tips to prepare yourself and your parents.

  • Read books that talk about visiting the dentist and taking care of your teeth.
  • Look up episodes of your favorite cartoons where your favorite character visits the dentist.
  • Hop on Google and learn the scientific names for your teeth.
  • Ask your parents to find YouTube videos that show what a dental evaluation or cleaning looks like.
  • Talk with your parents about the dentist and share any worries you might have.

Nervousness is a normal emotion people have when they haven’t been to the dentist in a while. If you’re speaking with your parents or friends about the dentist and they seem nervous, remember that we all experience different emotions in different situations. There’s no reason for you to feel nervous even if they do.

What to expect during your visit with the dentist.

Show up a little early, especially if it’s your first appointment.

On the day of your appointment, you should show up about 10 minutes early so your parents have time to get you all checked in. With everyone’s safety in mind, a team member will take your temperature as well as your parents’.

If you ever feel uncomfortable, let Dr. Jeff or his assistant know.

Remember that you call the shots during your dentist appointment. If you feel nervous or uncomfortable, don’t be afraid to tell Dr. Jeff, the hygienist, or the assistant helping you. Sometimes talking out loud can really help you relax.

Ask as many questions as you’d like!

There’s nothing Dr. Jeff and the team love more than to help you learn more about dental care and your smile. There’s no such thing as a silly question in our office, so please ask us any questions you might have. Whether you’re curious about a tool or machine we’re using or you need help learning to floss, we have the answers.

How to make your next appointment even better.

If your appointment went well and you had a good time, that’s great news!

To really impress Dr. Jeff at your next appointment, make sure you’re taking great care of your teeth morning and night. You should brush twice a day for two minutes and make sure you floss at least once a day.

Dr. Jeff and his team have a sharp eye and will definitely notice all of your hard work during your next appointment.

If your appointment didn’t go the way you wanted it to, that’s fine too.

Maybe you felt shy or you found out you had a cavity. If you feel this way, be kind to yourself. Rather than focusing on any bad feelings, think about what you might be able to do next time.

Speaking with your parents or a trusted adult or older sibling can be really helpful.

Have your parents scheduled your next appointment yet?

Dr. Jeff usually likes to see his patients at least every six months for a check-up and a cleaning. If your parents still need to schedule your next appointment, they can either call our office or fill out this online form.