Humph! Umph!

Molly the First Molar pushed with all of her might. It had been cozy where she was, and warm too! She had enjoyed her time snuggling in baby Sara’s gums. They cushioned her and kept her safe, and she loved hearing Sara’s sweet giggles as her mom gently rubbed them with a soft washcloth.

As one of her baby teeth, Molly had stayed there for 18 whole months, but now it was time to make her big debut.

With one last soft push, she finally poked her head above the surface. What would she see next?

Meeting the Baby Teeth Family

First, Molly looked around. It was time to meet the other teeth she had heard about for so long!

She introduced herself to Larry the Lateral Incisor, first. “I could have come as early as nine months, but I decided to pop out when Sara was 12 months old!” he said happily.

Chris the Central Incisor was sitting next to him. He was one of the oldest teeth in the group, so he shouted, “Nice to finally meet you! I’ve been here 10 months already!”

“Larry and I might look a little sharp, but don’t let that scare you,” Chris explained. “We help cut Sara’s food up when she eats! It’s a very important job.”

“Very neat!” replied Molly, as she looked around for more friends to find.

Next, she met Candace the Cuspid. “Hello,” Candace said shyly. “I just got here too. I appeared about two months ago when Sara was 16 months old. I help her eat by tearing her food into tiny pieces so she can enjoy it safely!”

“Wow,” thought Molly the Molar. “I sure am happy to be out so I can meet all my new friends!” She stretched up a little taller and waited to see what would happen next.

Baby Teeth Learning Their Job

Molly was relaxing and taking in the new view when, suddenly, she was startled by a happy shout from Sara’s mom. “Guys! Come here! I think Sara has a new tooth in the back!” She heard a commotion and footsteps as more people entered the room.

“Let me see,” said Sara’s mom as she grabbed a baby teeth chart from the desk. She laid Sara carefully in her crib and slowly opened her mouth.

“It looks like this is one of Sara’s first molars! This tooth will help her crush and grind up her food! The book says that molars are usually wide and flat-shaped, and they mostly erupt when a baby is 13 to 19 months old. They will help her swallow and digest her food so her belly doesn’t get upset.”

“Wow,” thought Molly to herself. “I have a very important job! I hope I can grow up big and strong and always help Sara feel her best.” She felt proud of herself and gave the other teeth a quick high-five.

Baby Teeth First Bites

A few moments went by, and Molly heard more movement. It was dark all around her, so she knew Sara had her mouth shut. Then, the air filled with warm light. Suddenly, something cool knocked gently against her side.

“Ooh! What is this delicious treat?” Molly enjoyed the yummy orange food that Sara was eating. It made her feel powerful!

“Those are raw carrots!” exclaimed Chris the Central Incisor. “They’re one of our favorite foods, and we know you’ll love them, too! We also love foods like cheese, fish, yogurt, and other fruits and veggies!”

“What makes carrots so great?” Molly wondered out loud.

Candace piped up. “They’re filled with a special protein called keratin! It’s part of your enamel and it will make you strong and healthy. Plus, carrots also have Vitamin A inside, which helps you feel your best!”

Molly agreed that she did love the carrots. Then, she wondered what Sara would eat next.

Feeling a Little Sick

A few hours went by and Molly was getting sleepy. She wondered if it was time for Sara to go to bed yet. As she began to slowly drift off, she was awoken by a strange sensation.

First, she felt something crumbly all around her. She tried to shake it off, but it stuck like glue. Then, she felt a cool whoosh! as a sticky and sweet liquid brushed by her.

“Guys!” she yelled to the other teeth. “Can someone tell me what is going on?”

Larry the Lateral Incisor replied weakly, “I think Sara got into the cookie jar again.”

The crumbles had started small, but now they were coming faster and faster. Sara wasn’t feeling so good. In fact, she was feeling sick! She wasn’t sure how long the feeling would last. Thankfully, the chewing stopped and she heard Sara’s mom’s soft voice.

“Sara,” she began. “You know what we’ve told you about eating too many cookies. And, you found your juice from earlier! Too much sugar can make your teeth sad.” Molly listened carefully as she explained how lots of sugar can create cavities in your teeth.

Brushing Those Baby Teeth

Molly started to feel better a few minutes later when Sara’s mom gently scrubbed her with a baby toothbrush and a tiny smear of fluoride toothpaste. It was her first real bath and, boy, was she happy to be clean! She heard the other teeth giggle in excitement, too!

“Let’s sing while we brush,” Sara’s mom said as she began the first few verses of “This Is the Way We Brush Our Teeth.” When the song and bath were finished, Molly, Larry, Chris, and Candace were sparkling!

Happily Ever After

Molly the First Molar was so happy to be out in the world. It was bigger than she expected, but better too. She loved spending time with the other baby teeth as she grew up, including two second molars that appeared around Sara’s second birthday!

They were a big, happy family and Sara’s parents made sure they stayed clean. They also loved visiting the dentist, who would scrub them up and leave them feeling fresher than ever! Then, one day, it was time for Chris the Central Incisor to leave the group. Larry left a little while later.

Molly didn’t have to worry about them, though. They were off on an exciting new adventure—to spend time with the Tooth Fairy! She secretly wished that she could join them, but she knew that her time would come soon!