Take advantage of our favorite stress-relieving activities.

Have you been feeling a little stressed lately? With so many changes thrown your way, it’s understandable. Chances are, even the littlest members of your family are feeling the effects of the uncertainty around us. The good news is there are plenty of ways to soothe your mind, relax your body, and practice self-care from the comfort of your home.

The best part? You can do many of these stress-relieving activities together!

When parents and children unwind together (or at least at the same time), it can make the practice that much more enjoyable. Today, we’re sharing a few of our favorite ways to reconnect, recenter, and reclaim our calm, one moment at a time.

Read together.

One study found that reading for only six minutes is enough to reduce your stress levels by 68%! If you’re feeling a little tense or just want to bring everyone together, organize a family reading session and bring out some of your favorite titles.

Rather than focusing on stories that are too scary or suspenseful, stick with ones that have calming undertones and happy endings. This list of 10 relaxing books for children is a great place to start. Gather on the couch, bring the blankets, and let them curl up around you as you escape into the narrative together.

Get creative with coloring books.

If your children are in preschool or elementary school, they might still be enthralled by the magic of coloring books. While many of us tend to neglect this favorite pastime as we grow older, the simple act of coloring is incredibly relaxing.

Thankfully, adult coloring books have made a major comeback lately. Order a few with patterns and motifs that inspire you, and put a special set of colored pencils in your virtual cart while you’re at it. Then, turn on some soft music, get the art supplies out, and encourage everyone to release their emotions on the page.

Make a cozy fort.

Fort-making is a childhood rite of passage! What kid hasn’t dragged mom’s favorite comforter all around the living room and used the best pillows and chairs in the house to create a makeshift hideout?

While it can be a little unnerving to watch the mess being made before your eyes, consider the wonder and imagination that those little hands are making. Make a new memory together by helping them on this endeavor, using the softest, most luxurious materials you can find. From body pillows to bean bag chairs, try to create the coziest fort possible.

While they’re busy building, put away the devices and let your brood lose themselves in creative play. Then, when everyone’s asleep, you might find that it’s an ideal spot to curl up with a cup of tea and de-stress by yourself!

Allow fun breaks.

Between homeschooling, working full-time, and trying to juggle everything at once, the typical weekday might feel hectic from start to finish. Instead of pushing full steam ahead for every second, try to pencil in plenty of breaks.

This might mean throwing an impromptu dance party in the kitchen, turning on a family yoga session, or simply piling onto the bed for 10 minutes of cuddles. You’ll all walk away from that time together feeling refreshed and ready to tackle anything that comes next.

Shake up a familiar routine.

Lately, it might feel like every day is the same as the next. This can make your usual routines seem a little monotonous, so it’s time to mix them up! Take your toothbrushing routine, for instance. If everyone in your family brushes twice a day, why not do it together and throw a little fun into the mix?

Try finding a song that’s roughly two minutes and use it as your timer, brushing along with the beat. There are plenty on the Brush DJ app, along with entertaining videos on preventive oral care. You can even challenge your crew to a race against the clock to see who can clean their teeth before the jam ends! If your children are younger, they might need a little help with this step, but should still be able to compete.

Other fun ideas include:

  • Letting your children brush your teeth (remember to go back and do it again later!)
  • Letting your children brush their stuffed animal’s teeth while you brush theirs
  • Using your toothbrush as a microphone and your bathroom sink as a stage

An added benefit of focusing more on your toothbrushing moves? The act can be incredibly stress-reducing. Not only is the repetitive motion innately calming, but it also gives us a unique opportunity to practice mindfulness for a few moments out of the day!

Cool down with independent play.

As much as you cherish time with your kiddos, sometimes you need a little break. Maybe you need to send an important email, call a colleague, or simply sit in silence for five minutes. This is when it pays to have a few stress-busting sensory activities on hand that your kids can do on their own. One of our favorites? Frozen dinosaur eggs!

To make these, blow up a balloon and hold the shape for around 30 seconds to stretch it out. Then, put a plastic toy dinosaur inside and fill it up with water. Freeze the balloons overnight, then cut your knot and peel off the balloon. Next, place the frozen “eggs” in an empty bowl next to a container of warm water and a dropper. Show your kids how to use the dropper to draw up the warm water and slowly melt their eggs! They’ll grow their fine motor skills and you’ll regain your sanity. It’s a win-win!

Try these stress-relieving activities today!

Whether you’re learning, teaching, playing, or working alongside your children, your moments together can be some of the most special and memorable of your lives. While there are bound to be some tense moments here and there, these go-to, stress-relieving activities are like pressing the reset button.

Keep this list handy and refer to it anytime you need a deep exhale and a moment of reflection. We’re all in this together, and you’re doing a great job. In the meantime, if you need to reach out to our dental team for any reason, contact us and let’s connect.