Prepare for your first appointment with a new dentist.

Year one plays a huge part in a child’s life for many reasons. It’s when they start to experience the whole world, make new friends, and build skills they’ll use for the rest of their lives. It’s also the time for them to become the new patients of a pediatric dentist. By taking them to the dentist early on in their life, you’ll be giving them an advantage in their oral health.

Thankfully, you’ve come across Dr. Jeffrey C. Jaynes, who offers the best dentistry for children in the great state of Texas! We back that claim up with tremendous service and an exceptional experience for both the parent and the child. See below for more information on what you can expect when your child becomes a new patient of Dr. Jeff and why he’s the best choice for the job.

Dr. Jeff’s Approach to Dentistry

There are many tremendous dentists out there, but Dr. Jeff is the perfect dentist for your child due to his track record of success. Here’s a bit more information on Dr. Jeff and his approach to dentistry.

Focus on High-Quality Dental Care

Dr. Jeff realizes the responsibility of a children’s dentist. Ideally, you’ll want your child to have the same dentist from the time they’re an infant all the way into their adolescence. His focus is to always provide his patients (such as your child) with the highest-quality dental care and the latest technology for the job. The dental industry is improving by the day, and Dr. Jeff is constantly looking at ways to improve his processes.

We want to ensure your pride and joy’s dental health while creating a fun atmosphere for them when they walk in the door. Everyone on staff has a genuine love for children, from the front desk to the dental assistants and (of course) Dr. Jeff himself.

He has also specialized in providing dental care for children that are chronically ill or have special needs. No matter what circumstances your child is going through, we promise to provide them with the utmost care and expertise.

Dr. Jeff’s Background

It’s admirable that you’d want to find the highest form of dental care possible for your little one as. You want a children’s dentist who has the background of a true expert. Look no further than Dr. Jeff! Since graduating from the University of Tennessee College of Dentistry with his DDS in 1993, he’s accomplished plenty of accolades in his professional career.

Two years later, he completed his certificate in pediatric dentistry from Baylor College of Dentistry and became the chief dental resident of the Children’s Medical Center of Dallas that same year. Dr. Jeff has received many honors since then. He was named a Super Dentist in Texas Monthly and made D Magazine’s Best Dentists list.

What You Can Expect for the First Visit (as the Parent)

A child’s visit to the dentist’s office is just as much about the parent as it is the child who’s going in for an appointment. You want to feel comfortable with your child’s dentist, knowing they’ll take good care of your baby boy/girl. The first step toward that is knowing what to expect during your first trip.

A Child-Loving Staff

Everyone on our staff has a passion for children’s dentistry. You can call ahead to set an appointment and let us know if your child has special needs so we can accommodate them.

As soon as you and your little one step in the door, you’ll both recognize the love we have for kids. We’ll guide you through the process and get you in the door to visit Dr. Jeff right away.

Timely and Efficient Appointments

We’ve got the first appointment regimen down to a science. Our goal is to give a gentle evaluation of your child’s dental health efficiently. This is a time where you can ask Dr. Jeff and our team as many questions as you would like. We’ll make sure their dental health is going well and provide you with some information on what to expect as their teeth continue to come in, including how to brush their teeth and more. Other than that, this appointment is used for you (Mom and Dad) to meet the staff and become more comfortable with our entire team!

What Your Child Can Expect

Every time your child walks in the door to our office, they will be greeted with smiles and provided with the utmost care. They’ll come to think of us as an extension of their family, someone who’s always happy to see them and handles them with care. It gives you peace of mind as a parent knowing your child looks forward to their dentist appointments.

Dr. Jeff and his team are amazing communicators. They will lay the groundwork for teaching your child about oral hygiene and why it’s so important to their health. We make children’s dentistry fun! We enjoy what we do and want both the parents and the children to look forward to receiving our services.

Schedule your first appointment today!

Now that you’ve seen what to expect from Dr. Jeff and his staff as new patients, as well as why they’re the perfect fit for your child, it’s time to set the first appointment! Be sure to have your child read this fun article that shows them how they and their parents can have a blast at their next appointment.

For next steps, be sure to visit this page and request an appointment online. We look forward to meeting you and your little one(s).